February 13, 2011

Niagra Falls - Part 2

So I still don't have my computer back.  But Tom is being really good about sharing his work computer so I can get some stuff done. 

My weekends have been so busy these last couple of weeks I haven't even gotten much scrapping done.  I don't know how you folks get it all done, but I'm jealous!!  I decided I wasn't going to do anything but relax and scrap today.  That is after I do my work laundry for the week, clean the cat box, finish valentine's for Tom and Abbie, update my blog, pack food for work tomorrow and spend some quality time with one very tired and slightly stuffy little girl who is spending the day snuggling in bed.

Hopefully with a few good nights rest she'll be back to normal.

I did manage to get one layout done so far today, but I'll share that with you tomorrow.  For now, here is page two of the Niagra Falls layout from several weeks ago.

It was so cold and dreary out that day.  No sunshine at all.  So I wanted to brighten up the pictures with bright papers...and use up a bunch of scraps.  So that's just what I did.  I really love the red and black together.

Alright everyone, I better go put my clothes in the dryer otherwise I'm wearing jammies to work tomorrow!!

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