October 13, 2010

Pop's Farm Market

We went to see the greatest Jack O Lantern display this past weekend and I almost forgot to show you the pictures.  It's called Pop's Farm Market and it's in Monroe Twp.  The property is all decorated up for Halloween and fall with the coolest decorations.  See for yourselves:

Abbie's friend Felicia came with us too.  I warned the girls that there would be lots of picture taking and there were to be no cranky faces!!  They were so patient with me...they're great kids.

I took lots of pictures both with the flash and without.  This is a close up of one of the Jack O Lanterns without flash.  I really need to get a better camera.

Most of the Jack O Lanterns are in the barn on stacks of hay.  We were in there for quite a while taking them all in.  Such amazing creativity.

With the flash you can really see the pumpkins on the haystacks.

I love to get pictures of Tom and I but asking one of the girls to take the picture means I'll have one of my eyes and only Tom's forehead!!

I'll get back to scrappin' tomorrow...hopefully.

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