October 2, 2010

Rainy Day Scrapping

It was definitely a very rainy day.  The rain let up and the sun started to poke out of the clouds a little after 5pm.  After making pancakes for breakfast, Abbie wanted to play a game before scrappin'.  Guess what she picks...the longest game in the world...Monopoly!!  After several hours, we end the game at 4:30pm with Abbie being the winner.  We did get a little scrappin' done, but not much.

It was REALLY pouring when I took this, but you can't really see how bad the rain was.  Any amount of rain is enough to keep in the house, though.

I uploaded the pictures Abbie wanted to scrap to Target and Tom was kind enough to go out in the rain and pick them up.  She sorted them and made page kits in preparation for the scrappin' festivities today.

Shannon is coming over with some friends to scrap the day away.

I found this sketch over at Scrapbooking Sketch and really liked it as soon as I saw it.  I really like working from sketches lately so I have been hunting all over the web for more.  I found about 12 that I'm going to be trying over the next couple of days and will post them as I finish them.  So here is my take on the sketch:

Abbie made a mug at the pottery studio while in Ohio that says "I Love You".  I used a lot of stuff from my scrap stash so I don't know what it is...but the butterfly is from Jeni Bowlin.

Abbie and I were sitting in the car one day in front of Shannon's house waiting for her and decided to play around with the camera.  I got some pretty fun pics of her and here are two of them.  I used Wisteria from Basic Grey for the whole layout.

Off to more scrappin'!!

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  1. Thanks, Caroline ... I added your layout to my blog ... you can find it here:

    I'd love it if you have a go at my sketches! This month I even run a competition for another sketch I made ...

    Have fun scrappin' ...