October 1, 2010

Tropical Storm Update

Thankfully, we were not hit nearly as hard as the rest of the eastern coast.  Yesterday we only had some light winds and hardly any rain.  Last night was rainy and little more windy...but that was it.  So, because it is a rainy day, that means scrappin' for me...ALL DAY!! 

I decided a few years ago that rainy days and snowy days would be designated scrappy days.  Abbie will often hop into her chair and craft her little heart out right along side me.  We either play music on Pandora or play a movie on Netflix for some background noise...oh, how could I forget the Jelly Belly Jelly Beans...our favorite scrappy snack.

I've never taken pictures of our rainy/snowy scrappy day, but I will today...after I shower and do my hair of course!!  Those are the moments I'm most interested in capturing lately.  Everyday us moments.  Moments that show HOW we enjoyed our lives, our routines, what makes  Not just the holidays or trips.

So I'm off to feed the cat and read a little before anyone else gets up this morning.  But first, I'm still waiting for fall, so here are some more layouts...enjoy!!

We love going to the corn maze at Howell Living History Farms by Princeton.  It is huge and they do such a great job each year.  Two years ago, Anthony, Shannon and Dom came with us and we decided we were going to race each other.  Abbie wanted to go with her sister (big surprise!!) instead of us.  So Shannon and Anthony had to go through with 2 kids while Tom and I went by ourselves.  We won, but we also didn't have any kids slowing us down!!  So we will have to try again this year and see who wins.

Happy scrappin' all!!

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