January 23, 2011

Catching Up

Ok, I promised a post last week about my blogger award, but sleep was more important.  I have spent much of the weekend catching up on lots of sleep!!  And now onto my award.

Val awarded my blog the Stylish Blogger Award.   THANKS!!! 

So now I need to share 7 things about myself.  Here we go:

1.  I love to cook but I HATE to clean up after myself.  Luckily, Tom loves to eat what I cook for him so he hangs in the kitchen with me and cleans up my messes as I make them...I'm so lucky!!

Check out these cupcakes with eggnog frosting I made for Christmas Eve.  YUM!!

2.  I have a serious hoarding issue when it comes to notebooks and journals.  I can't stop buying them in every shape, size and color and then keep them without using most of them.  I need to have a REALLY good reason to pull one out of my desk and start using it. A very small sampling of my notebook/planner stash.  I have a ton more!!

3.  I only have 2 hair styles.  Pin straight in the winter and my natural curly in the summer.  I don't know how else to style it so I stick to what I know.

4.  I LOVE the beach and everything about it.  I go to the beach every single day that I can during the warm season.  We start going in May and have gone as late as October.  We get there at the crack at dawn and still til sun down, usually because that's when we run out of food.  I love the ocean, the waves, the heat, everything...except the sand.  I don't touch the sand with my hands.  Having sand under my nails is a serious crisis for me.

5.  I love reality TV.  Love every second of it!!  How these people put all their dirty laundry on TV for my entertainment  is amazing.  And believe me, I am entertained by it!!

6.  I love to read and I get most of my yearly reading done at the beach.  I don't usually read at home.  I would like to, but just can't seem to make enough time for it.

7.  And finally, I loved my daughter's Nintendo DS so much, that I bought myself one so I wouldn't have to wait for hers.  I play on it almost every time Tom is driving in the car with me.  And I get annoyed when he tries to talk to me in the middle of a game!!

Can't get enough of this game.

And so there you have it.  7 random facts about me. 

And now I need to pass this lovely blog award onto some of my favorite blogs. 

1.  Rachael at A Window Too My Scrappin World.  I love her scrappy style and she is such a great source of inspiration.

2.  Diane at Created by Diane.  Her recipes are absolutely delicious and my family and I have thoughly enjoyed them!!

3.  Penny at Artfully Embellished.  Love all her layouts and great crafty inspiration.

4.  Scrap Whispers.  I love their challenges.  And their Design Team makes great samples.

5.  Sassy Lil' Sketches.  I love working with sketches and these sketches always inspire me.

6.  Brittany at The Rest is Still Unwritten.  A great scrappy style and I really enjoy her layouts.

7.  Chris at Work for Scraps.  Another great scrappy blog with a great style of layouts.

8.  Kelly at Scrap My Life.  Kelly creates really awesome layouts and I always enjoy reading her blog.

9.  Aphra at My Scrappy Life.  Such a great blogs with so many awesome layouts and crafts.  Lots of fun to read.

Well, those are my favorites.  So, please pass along the Stylish Blogger Award to 15 of your favorite blogs and share 7 random facts about yourself.

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