January 3, 2011

Scrappin' Stats

Do you keep track of how many pages you scrap in a given year?  Two years ago, I mentioned to Shannon  that my goal for 2009 was to scrap 400 pages...and that's when the laughter began.  Both Shannon and Abbie laughed so hard they cried.  I had never kept track of how many layouts I completed, but it sure seems like a lot so 400 pages wasn't such an outrageous number...or was it??

Shannon guessed I would complete 178 layouts.  Abbie guessed I would complete 220 layouts and I adjusted my goal to 300 layouts.  I grabbed a notebook and stuck in the drawer of my scrapping desk so I could keep track. 

Here are the final numbers for 2009:

I was a little off in my guess!!  Only 85 layouts???  How can that be??  I scrap all the time!!  But, really I don't.  I also have to take into consideration that we need the family time together to actually create the memories that are photographed.

So I decided that I was going to keep track again in 2010.  I set a more reasonable goal of 200 layouts.  I knew that I would go away for two scrapping weekends instead of one and that would increase my chances of reaching my goal, right??  (I sounded logical at the time!!)

Here are the stats for 2010:

Again, I felt short of my goal.  But I don't mind one bit.  I had a great time creating and remembering all those awesome moments in my life with my family and friends.  I loved remembering all the highlights of my life while thumbing through the pictures and deciding which ones to work on next.

So this year I am going to keep track of the layouts I make again.  Not so much working towards a number goal, but just because it's fun to look back and see how much I have accomplished.

Stay tuned and I'll keep you updated on my stats.

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