December 27, 2010

Blizzard Update

So the final count for snow fall for us was well over 2 feet!!  And with all the wind, some of the drifts were more than 3 feet!!  I was happy to have a snow day off from work too.  There was NO WAY I would have made it there.  Here are a few pics:

Here is how we started off the day.

And this is what the patio looked like at 1am when I finally gave up watching the snow.

This morning, the snow completely covered the back patio and everything on it.  The pile continued on over the toy box (which you can't even see anymore) and kept right on going to my neighbor's patio.

The snow had blown more than a foot up the sliding door.  Abbie was way too excited to go play in the snow...until we realized she didn't have any snow boots.  We decided my rain boots would have to work.  She looked really funny walking around in my boots.  She even lost them in the snow twice.

Tom did an awesome job shoveling.  He was out there for more than 3 hours with the shovel.

The snow drift on the van was so neat looking. 

A close up of the snow layers.

Climbing the snow pile at the end of the road was Abbie's favorite place to play today.  The snow was so deep in the front yard, she had to walk (and I use the word "walk" loosely) with a shovel to dig herself out with each step.

Almost done!!  The snow piled along side the driveway is taller than Tom in some areas.

So after several hours of snow fun and a very hot shower to warm up, the scrapping began.  I got 4 layouts done today.  Here's one of them:

I'm still finishing up the pics from cookie baking a few years ago.  It is still very much the Christmas season for me and I am just loving these pictures.

I definitely have to make my way into work tomorrow so no scrapping for me until Friday.  But I have a bunch of layouts to share with you this week.

Good Night!!

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