December 26, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...

Man, it is REALLY snowing out there!!  Check it out:

The swing seat on the back patio is almost completely covered in snow.  As I was taking these a few minutes ago, I looked down and I couldn't even recognize where the back step was.  The snow is a third of the way up the slider!!

I love to sit and watch it snow...especially when I'm inside!!

I'm sure we have a decent 12 inches already judging by the snow pile on the patio table and grill. 

Here is a shot of my neighborhood from my craft room on the second floor.

So what do you all do when it's snowing outside?  I have a long standing snowy tradition:

I always scrap when it's snowing out.  Some years I have good snowy scrapping seasons and other years are snow free.  This years is looking to be a good snowy one...I hope!!

I felt inspired to create a snowy layout.  These are pics from Pittsburgh last year.  I think icicles are just so amazing and beautiful.  There had been so much snow and ice in Pittsburgh so when we got there the icicles were HUGE and everywhere.  I had Tom pulling over several times to snaps pictures of them.

So I is what Abbie was doing:

I got her Super Scribblenauts for Christmas so she was playing her game while I followed along in the guide to help her out when she was stuck.

And we can't forget about what Fatty does on snow days...because it's pretty different then what she normally does:

Sprawled out in front of the space heater, soaking up the warmth.  Oh no, wait, that IS what she does on a daily basis. 

Well, I'm off to bed.  Chances are there will be so much snow on the ground in the AM that I won't be heading off to work really early.  But I'm heading off to bed...just in case it mysteriously melts away while I'm sleeping.

Have a snowy scrappy day!!!

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  1. Holy crap! It's up to our waist over here!

    Hope you have a fun time scrapping because i sincerely hope we don't have to work in a state of emergency!