December 23, 2010

New York City

I can't believe how much I still have to do.  We finally found lights for the tree so that needs to get finished this morning, I haven't wrapped a single gift, the kitchen is a mess but I still have more cooking to do and I need to sleep at some point...oh well, sleep will have to wait.
Last week we went to New York City for a show and spent the day visiting our favorite places and we even add a few new ones.  Prepare for many photos:

We wanted to catch a 7:34am train and Abbie was not happy to be up and ready at 6am.

Our first stop was the new Disney Store in Time Square.  Normally, I wouldn't go to Time Square.  Way too many people.  But Abbie really wanted to go so we made that our first stop.

Next, we ventured over to Chelsea Market.  Very cute collection of stores.  We stopped at a cookie store called Eleni's and got a sugar cookie.

Aren't these awesome!!!  So very cute.

Chelesa Market was all decked out for the Holidays with lights and decorations.  There was someone playing the cello too.  We sat and enjoyed the music with a cup of hot chocolate from Jacques Torres.

Val was heading out to Chelesa Market the following day.  I'm pretty sure she won't be going in here.

We headed to Stand in near Union Square for lunch. 

They have the most amazing burgers and milk shakes.  Yum!!

We had tickets to see Wintuk so we headed over to MSG after lunch.  It is such an amazing show!!

We had really great seats and I was able to get so many great pictures and even a few videos.  Shhhh...don't tell anyone!!

It's really fun that is snows at the end of the show.

No trip to NYC is complete without a trip to Portrait Bug.  They are a cute little scrapping store and portrait studio.  I did a little shopping...but just a little.  The backpack was starting to get heavy.

Abbie wanted to see the tree at Rockerfeller Center.  We had someone take our picture and it came out really nice.  Sometimes you just don't know.


Abbie the trumpeting angel!!

A trip to the Lego was in order.  But it was super crowded. 

We headed over to Macys to get this years ornament at Holiday Lane.  Abbie loves to ride the wooden escalator so we start at the top and work our way down.

Aren't the ornaments on the ceiling really cool??

Last but not least, Crumbs.  We have tried about 8 different cupcake shops in NYC.  Butter Cup Lane and Crumbs are tied as our favorites.  This trip, we stopped at Crumbs.

We were extremely tired from our very long day, but it was worth every second.

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