November 26, 2010

An Eventful Thanksgiving!!

We had such a wonderful day yesterday!!  Abbie turned 10 and is officially out of the single digits (her words!!). 

We started our day with baking her pumpkin cheesecake.

She wanted to do as much of the baking as she she did!!  She even put her kitchen tools in her apron so they would be handy.

In the oven for an hour and twenty minutes.

I couldn't find the brown sugar so Tom decided it would be a good day to organize the pantry and all the kitchen cabinets.

Is that not a supremely organized pantry?  We found so much stuff in there that we had forgotten about.  Anyway, after the kitchen was done, I started on the baked mac and cheese for lunch.

I baked a plain cheese tray for Abbie

And a broccoli one with cayenne pepper for me.  Love it hot and spicy.

The kids came over for cake later in the night and Shannon and Anthony had a surprise for us...

Yup, they're engaged!!  And we are so excited for them!!

After cake comes presents and she could hardly contain herself!!  (Yup, the cheese cake cracked, by that's ok.  It still tasted REALLY great!!)

Littlest Pet Shops, DS game and Wii games round out the night.

She'll always be my little matter how old she is.  I love you baby!! 

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