November 21, 2010

I Cooked...All Weekend!!

All my friends know that I don't like to cook or bake and when I do I'm not very good at it.  But this weekend I wanted to try a few different recipes that I have been sitting on.  The first was Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns.  Now, I'm not going to share that recipe because they were horrible (it could have been operator error, but I don't really think so).  I was determined to make a wonderful breakfast for my family so I found this other recipe for cinnamon buns.  They were so much work to make but turned out to be the most amazing cinnamon buns we have ever had.  You can find the recipe here.  Check out the buns before I put them in the oven:

The recipe called for this weird lemon frosting, so I made my own cream cheese frosting with vanilla extract and sweetened condensed milk (that's for you Val!!)

And here is the deliciousness!!!  Can you smell them?  I made 15 normal sized buns and then 4 others out of the ends.

I also made butternut squash soup, thai chicken noodle soup and chicken and dumplings.  I stocked my fridge and freezer for the week!! 

I had a super busy weekend, but I had time to catch up on the laundry (even folded it and put it away), I scrapped a few pages, which you'll see over the course of the next few days and played a few fun games with Abbie.  A very different weekend from last weekend.

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  1. love the swirls!! thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment, thx!!!